Timberline® Harp Guitar Models

2 sizes now available: Auditorium size and Parlor size

January 23, 2022: All models back in stock!

Please Note: You are on the web site of Harp Guitar Music, operated by Gregg (“Sir Gregory”) Miner. I am affiliated with Timberline® Guitars as a co-designer of their harp guitar products and an exclusive online dealer along with www.timberlineguitars.com.  

LEFT TO RIGHT: T20, T30, T60 & T70. Parlor size on top row, auditorium size on bottom row. 
Specs and Prices below.

All models are made of 100% solid tropical hardwoods
that look fantastic and sound amazing!

NOW - Gig Bag included!

Model T20HGpc (Parlor size)

Only $1399

T20HGc (Auditorium size)

Only $1488

T30HGc (Auditorium size)
T30HGpc (Parlor size)

Either size: $2085

T60HGc (Auditorium size)
T60HGpc (Parlor size)

Either size: $2426

T70HGc (Auditorium size)
T70HGpc (Parlor size)

Either size: $2719

How do they sound?

The mahogany sounds sweet and smooth. Well-balanced neck, seamless transition from the low neck E to the first D sub-bass, all the way down to a killer low F/E.

With the exact same woods and construction as the T20, the arm bevel and gloss finish makes it "feel" different.

The stunning tropical acacia sounds much like the mahogany version, slightly more smooth and balanced.

Heavier, dense tropical silkwood (similar to rosewood) gives the T70 a warmer, darker tone, with slightly more low end volume.

Top, Back & Sides Solid Indonesian Red Mahogany  Solid Indonesian Red Mahogany  Solid Tropical Acacia  Solid Tropical Silkwood
Binding & Arm Bevel Contrasting black ABS / None Macassar Ebony  Solid Tamarind  Macassar Ebony 
Soundhole Rosette Wood purfling 10mm abalone with black/white contrasting pinstriping  10mm abalone with black/white contrasting pinstriping  10mm abalone with black/white contrasting pinstriping 
Finish Satin Gloss Gloss Gloss
Tuners Chrome keys on cast chrome 18:1 machines on both headstocks (comparable to Grover GH302)  Gold Grovers with Ebony buttons  Gold Grovers with Ebony buttons  Gold Grovers with Ebony buttons 


Fretboard, Bridge & Headplates Macassar Ebony

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Gig Bags now included in price

Pickups by
custom installation

  Auditorium Parlor
Neck Mahogany  Scale Length 24.9"  23.9"
Fretboard Inlay Micro Dots  Nut width 44.5mm  44.5mm 
Headstock and heel cap logo Mother of pearl  Sub-bass scale 29 to 33"  27-3/4 to 31-5/8"
Nut & Saddles NuBone®/reconstituted Tusq® Lower Bout Width 15-3/8"  13"
Truss Rod 2-way Adjustable Body Depth at end pin 4-11/16” 4-5/16"
Bracing Scalloped Spruce forward-shifted X-bracing  Total Length 42" 38"
Limited Lifetime Warranty, 100% Satisfaction, 7 day approval Strings: Melody (neck)  D'Addario EXP 80/20 Bronze Light (.012-.053) 
Strings: Harp (sub-bass) Harp Guitar Music custom set: Standard Tuning (E/F-G-A-B-C-D) 

Please note that some variation in appearance may occur

The many variations you see in colors and patterns on the 4 models of Timberline® harp guitars are a side effect of the gorgeous tropical hardwoods that we use for the harp guitar’s top, back and sides. They may range from light to dark, uniform to striped grain, and often feature striking sapwood effects (see examples below). The finish (satin on the T20, gloss (on the others) further accentuates the variations, as does the lighting during photography and web presentation versus “having in hand.” All are beautiful in their own way, but it makes it impossible to predict what we will see in each shipment. Currently, we do not add “up charges” to any of these, no matter how stunning we may find some, since it’s a matter of personal taste. I’m often asked to “pick the best one” (and I used to “cherry pick” the Holloway Dyers, for example), but here the striking-to-subtle variations makes it too difficult. As always, discuss this on the phone with me if you have questions or concerns. - Gregg (“Sir Gregory”) Miner

At left are 2 different T30s under different photographic conditions. At right more, natural light.


A typical T30 from the latest shipment.


3 different T60 harp guitar examples (under different lighting and photography conditions) 


From the latest batch of T60s under more natural light


2 different T70 harp guitar examples (under different lighting and photography conditions)


From the latest batch of T70s under more natural light


Timberline® Harp Guitars



Ordering Information


Limited Lifetime Warranty and 100% Guarantee:

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied and absolutely happy with the Timberline® harp guitar purchased from this website, return it to Harp Guitar Music* within 7 days of your receipt in new condition, with all original packaging for a full refund of the purchase price.**

* Contact me for return shipping address.

** Instruments submitted for this Return policy must be unmodified and in new condition and in all original packaging.  Instruments with any modification, including pick up systems, even pick up systems ordered from and installed by Timberline® guitars, will not be returnable under this offer.


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