c.1775 Preston Guittar, London
A beautiful, playable, sweet-sounding piece of history


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NOTE: I always strive to represent instrument's color and condition as accurately as possible



Provenance: I acquired this guittar (commonly known as an "English Guitar") in 2013 from the late Jim Forderer, whose collection was well known to guitar collectors and builders on the West Coast.

It is exactly as I received it from Jim, offered at the same price. Beautiful tiger maple back and sides. Excellent overall condition. The holes through the fingerboard are original; these were for clamping the obligatory capo-tasto for changing the key for the singing voice.

It matches exactly a second Preston-stamped guittar I recently acquired; however, this one is missing the stamp, which would have appeared on the top of the back of the neck. This specimen appears to have rebuilt with a period splice to replace the original head (after construction but contemporaneous with Preston and his workshop associates). Like every one of these I have seen, the top is sunken under the bridge but is completely stable and intonates well with great action. Includes the original key for the patent watch key tuners!

Price:  SOLD


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