Holloway Harp Guitars
The world's first production harp guitars
A true Dyer copy at an entry-level price!
Updated 7/21/12

A professional, yet inexpensive, modern copy of the harp guitar
played by Andy McKee, Michael Hedges and Stephen Bennett

2012 Production Holloway Model 5 Harp Guitars

Only $1495 with gig bag


Built in China, in a long-established guitar-making factory for several major brands (including Ibanez), these Dyer "copies and beyond" promise to finally allow pretty much everyone who has ever dreamed it to enter the harp guitar world!  There are already several professionals playing these, and now you can join them!  For the price, these are an incredible buy!

These latest production instruments look essentially identical to the prototype Model 5, but with solid wood back, better bracing and better tuners.*  Best of all, they sound even better than the best prototypes, which quickly sold out at prices up to $1450.

They come with standard limited lifetime warranty, and at only $1495, easily beat anything within a thousand dollars of this price range (and in truth, they sound closer to a $5000 harp guitar).

In addition to Stephen Bennett, Don Alder and other top endorsers, Muriel Anderson now plays them in her shows around the world.**

* Customers may still wish to swap out the tuners.  I’m happy to advise you.
** Yes - amazingly, these “entry-level” instruments can be played in a professional setting right out of the box, though you may wish to have additional pro set-up done if you are a dedicated, serious player.

2012model5front.jpg (181651 bytes) 2012model5back.jpg (170892 bytes)

2012model5headback.jpg (179775 bytes)


  • 6 sub-basses

  • Solid spruce top, solid mahogany back

  • Japanese tuners (4:1 sub-bass tuners)

  • Truss rod

  • Compensated bone saddle for neck, wire saddle for sub-basses

  • 25-3/8" scale, 1-7/8 nut width

  • 15-5/8" wide (lower bout) and 4-3/8" deep (butt)

  • Custom purfling on top and rosette

  • Ivoroid back binding

  • Pearl dot fret markers and black side dots

  • Silk-screen Holloway headstock logo

  • Attractive nitrocellulose mat finish

  • Holloway gig bag included (upgrade to a hard case available)

The Holloway logo

The current production Model 5's have an off-white silk-screened Holloway logo.

Holloway Accessories
2012model5case.jpg (125301 bytes)

Holloway Gig Bag (made in China) 
Included free with each Holloway harp guitar

Or available separately for $115

Holloway Hardshell Case (made in China)
(Not ATA approved)

Available separately for $195 
(Discounted if added to harp guitar order)
Sold out

Details and F.A.Q.s

Shown above are 5 Holloways currently in stock. All are extremely consistent, and play and sound virtually identically.  Tone is balanced, crisp and bright (not overly so) and very “acoustic”, with great punch and clarity in the sub-basses. Tonal change from low E to first sub-bass D is very consistent.

There are very minor differences in the appearance of the wide-grain spruce tops and mahogany backs and sides. The top and back are solid, the sides appear to be laminate.  Overall fit and finish is quite nice.

Braces are spruce and have been lightened and re-shaped a bit.  Body is nice and deep (just shy of 4-3/8").

The plans have been tweaked to better center the neck and bridge on the body (compared to the more offset original Dyers), and yet keep a more workable space between the 2 headstocks.  Where Dyers often overlap or touch, these rarely overlap and some have more space between than others. I point this out only for those who may want to explore alternate neck tuners down the road (see FAQ for more details).

Nut width has been increased to 1-7/8”, like the original Dyers.  String spacing is even, with outer string centers at 1-17/32”, and well-spaced from edges of neck.  Truss rods have not been adjusted (best to do as necessary in one’s own climate).  Action is fine, bridge is compensated and intonation is good.  I believe nut, saddle, and nut posts are all bone. The saddle for the subs is wire, as in traditional Dyers (see FAQ for more).

Nut posts are a bit high and of somewhat uneven height on (see FAQ for more).  Sub-bass strings are wound CCW (I’ve seen this done in either direction, but normally this is CW). You can string and wind them CW, they just will have a slight change in direction at the post.  The sub-bass strings installed on this particular shipment are generic temp strings (some unknown error) and are not really suitable for most tuning options.  Regardless, I always recommend checking out my own string options.  I have re-strung one of these Holloways for Standard Tuning and one for Bennett Tuning (to verify that they’d handle it).  Please choose your tuning preference and I’ll include a free set for you (see FAQ for more details). I recommend that you have your own guitar tech fine tune the nut posts and bridge holes/pins for the particular strings you settle on (as needed).  The lowest bass tuner is already drilled out to accept an .080”(the first few inches, up to the start of the outer wrap).  I did not re-do the bridge pin or hole for this .080 (or other strings), but simply inserted them deeper to fit.

Tuners have been upgraded to a generic Japanese brand, and are adequate (see FAQ for more).

A Holloway gig bag is included with each harp guitar.  These bags (also sold separately) are about half the price of my HGM gig bags by Colorado, and similarly about half the quality and weight, but are fine for basic protection and taking around town. 

The hard case requires a $100 upgrade (or $150 “in addition to the bag” charge).  They are about the same as the earlier Holloway cases received. PLEASE NOTE that they are not flight cases.  Expect a “new vinyl” smell until they get aired out.

Whether gig bag or hard case, I include a free humidifier, which I would highly recommend you always use if you are in a drier climate.
Holloway Harp Guitars warranty policy is here.

There has been a lot of Internet (and private) discussion on various features of the past and present Holloways, which runs the gamut from “Thanks for this fantastic instrument!” all the way to nagging complaints from high-end 6-string owners who seem to expect this inexpensive Chinese import to equal their $10,000 boutique guitars without costing any more.  I discuss many of these issues (and options) on this special Holloway F.A.Q. page.

Bottom line: Holloway harp guitars are in the hands of everyone from "beginners" to "professionals."  If you’re realistic in your expectations and have your specific questions addressed before purchase and entering into my 48-hour approval period, I guarantee you will love these instruments.  And I’m always here to help guide you through any and all aspects of your experience (Testimonials here).

- Gregg Miner, the “harp guitar pope”

So do you want to play Hedges, Bennett, or Standard?
Read Gregg's Blogg on the stringing and tuning options!

Previous "Prototype" Stock (sold out):

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out
Model 5, natural
Based on the Dyer Style 5, but with additional back binding
Model 4, "Stephen Bennett"
Based on Stephen Bennett's Dyer Style 4, with colored finish.  No binding, and 12th fret markers absent as in the original
Model 5, black
Based on the Dyer Style 5, but with additional back binding, and top, back & sides stained the same dark color


International Shoppers:
Please research the Cites Treaty Regulations and the ramifications of shipping any instrument before purchasing or shipping.  Harp Guitar Music is not liable for any confiscation of instruments for real or imagined inclusion of Cites-listed material.

CDs & DVDs by Stephen Bennett, John Doan, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Stacy Hobbs, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, James Kline, Larry Berwald, Bill Dutcher, Gregg Miner, Pasquale Taraffo
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