New Dyer 2016 Harp Guitar
Custom glossy Style 6 with arm bevel!


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Technically, this instrument is "secondhand" but is virtually unplayed.  The other reason I say "New Dyer" is because, well, what am I supposed to call them to differentiate the new trademarked Dyers - built by my friend Jim Worland (with partner Scott Holloway) - from vintage Dyers?

You can certainly tell it's a new one by its full glossy finish (a custom request) and its arm bevel.  Yes - the first and only
traditional" Dyer with an arm bevel!

That was at the request of harp guitarist Dan LaVoie, and it makes for a very unique instrument.  Unfortunately, no sooner had Dan received it than he had to stop playing due to health issues.  He's back to normal now (about to play his first gig in 2 years), but A) never got a chance to play it, and B) needs to sell it to pay medical bills.  You now how it goes. 

It was built in 2016, is in original mint condition, and is priced well below its current custom list price.

I remember this one in the pipeline, but can't recall if I actually played it.  However, I played and inspected a few of their instruments in that period, so can testify that its fit and finish and tone - pretty sweet vintage Dyer tone as I recall - will be exemplary.  Please refer to Dan's photos, and I should mention the "blemishes" that are merely a darker feature of the soundboard grain on either side of the bridge - Scott and Jim chose this top for its pattern.

Full K&K electronics installed with 2 output jacks.  Comes in a lightweight gig bag and Gator ATA hard case.  It'll ship from New Jersey and my standard 48 hour approval period applies.

-Gregg "Sir Gregory" Miner

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  • Style: #6 Custom

  • Top: Sitka Spruce

  • Bracing: Sitka Spruce

  • Back/Sides: Mahogany

  • Neck: Mahogany

  • Fretboard: Figured ebony

  • Bridge: Black ebony

  • Binding, rosettes: Custom Dyer purfling, ivoroid

  • Nut & Saddle: Bone

  • Bridge Pins: Ebony

  • Finish: Custom all-gloss finish

  • Fretboard radius: 12"

  • 2-way Truss Rod

  • Neck Tuners: Golden Age 15:1

  • Sub-bass Tuners: Gotoh 4:1

  • K & K mini's pickups Subs & Guitar side

  • Scale: 25.375"

  • Nut width: 1.875"

  • Lower Bout width: 15.25"

  • Body depth at end pin: 3.8"

  • Soft gig bag, Gator ATA case

Price: $4500 SOLD

CDs & DVDs by Stephen Bennett, John Doan, Muriel Anderson, Andy McKee, Stacy Hobbs, Tom Shinness, Dan LaVoie, James Kline, Larry Berwald, Bill Dutcher, Gregg Miner, Pasquale Taraffo
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