From time to time I have had to make the (sometimes painful) decision to deaccession certain items in my collection due to space limitations and other mitigating factors.
This page will highlight these special instruments for sale, be they one-of-a-kind harp guitars or other rare plucked strings.
Please email for information. - Gregg Miner
Updated 2/17/2019

c.1800 French lyre guitar

Clark Irish Harp, New York, post-1915, needs repair


Chris Knustsen Harp Ukulele

2008 Allan Beardsell Harp Guitar

c.1775 Preston Guittar, London

c.1920 De Barbieri Harp Guitar (after Cesare Candi), Genoa

c.1907-1908 Dyer Harp Mandolin

c.1895 Tomas Estevan 11-string Guitar, Uruguay

c.1897-1900 Grunewald Harp-Guitar

c.1900 Tony Biehl Harp Guitar, Davenport, Iowa

1987 Walter Stanul 13-string Archguitar, formerly owned by Elliot Gibbons

1993 Gary Southwell 11-string Arch Guitar, formerly owned by James Kline

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