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Phil DeGruy: Hello Dali

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Hello Dali again demonstrates how Phil's free-association brain provides instant access to a wellspring of musical ideas and quotes, which flit in and out of seemingly ad-lib arrangements. His very original style is decidedly not background music, or contemplative noodling for "New Age" fans!  For listeners with open ears and minds, Phil’s album can serve as a perpetual playground.   More >>> SALE PRICE: $4.95

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Phil DeGruy: Innuendo Out the Other

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From the liner notes: "Phil deGruy is the Victor Borge of the electric guitar, but only if Victor were as good as Art Tatum and as hilarious as, say, Lenny Bruce." Phil's delightful fusing of creative energy, radical genius and impeccable craft has yielded much acclaim from contemporaries.  Danny Gatton opined, "I have never been more impressed with anybody's playing, ever!" And Larry Coryell has described him as the "most original solo guitarist of the '90s."   More >>> Sold Out

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